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We're dedicated to fostering empathy and creating inclusive, supportive environments within schools. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to empower students to excel academically and emotionally. Through engaging workshops and heartfelt stories shared by our founder, Aayushi, we inspire teenagers to champion their mental health journey.

The Teacher's Mental Health Toolkit is a valuable resource designed to empower educators in India. It elevates their understanding of mental health challenges, equips them to identify signs of student distress, and empowers them to respond effectively and compassionately. Educators will gain strategies for managing stress, preventing burnout, and prioritizing their well-being within the demanding education landscape.

All of us at TMHS are teenagers and it's safe to say that we have "been there, done that", so we know how overwhelming and anxiety-triggering the world, both online and offline can be. We understand and embrace the chaotic, messy, and beautiful journey that is your teenage years. Whether you have a collaboration proposal or a heartwarming story to share, we're all ears! 

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