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The ultimate guide to studying psychology in Canada.

When it comes to researching about universities we want you to have the best resources. Here are some Canadian Universities known for their spectacular psychology programmes:

1. McGill University : Reputed as the "Harvard of Canada" this University has the oldest and best known department for psychology in North America. With an acceptance rate of 46.3% the department offers two full time, research intensive psychology programmes.

Know more about the psych programme at McGill here.

2. University of Toronto : The scientific study of psychology has a long illustrious history at the University of Toronto. 43% being the acceptance rate , BSc Hons in Psychology has become the most popular programme at this University.

Know more about the psych programme at UofT here.

3. University of British Columbia : Ranking among the top three universities of Canada this university, with an acceptance rate of 52.4%, has become popular for undergraduate courses in BA and BSc psychology degrees.

Know more about psych programmes at British Columbia here:

4. University of Alberta : Known for it's comprehensive academics and research Alberta has an acceptance rate of 58%. The most popular psychology courses are BSc psychology majors in Cognitive Psychology and Lifespan Developmental Psychology.

Know more about psych programmes at Alberta here.

5. Western University : With award winning faculty members doing research and teaching in four Clusters of Research Excellence this University has an acceptance rate of 57% and offers courses that are research intensive and are gaining relevance.

Know more about psych at Western Uni here.

6. University of Calgary: The Industrial Organizational Psychology Graduate program is one of the best for in depth research work. Along with its beautiful campus this university offers and has an acceptance rate of 10-20%.

7. University of Ottawa: Being one of the most affordable universities for international students this University has an acceptance rate of 13% with psychology honors courses being the most popular.

Know more about psych at Uni of Ottawa here.

8. Queen's University: Queen's is well known for it's mental health research achievements plus this university has an acceptance rate of 42%. Clinical, Cognitive, Developmental and Social Psychology programmes seem to be most favored among its incoming students.

To know more about Queen's, go here.

9. McMaster University: Providing an acceptance rate of 58% , the study of psychology, neuroscience and behavior can be completed at this university either through Faculty of Social Sciences or the Faculty of Sciences. Know more about life and psych at McMaster here.

10. Dalhousie University : Well known for it's broad range of PhD programmes and research depths, Dalhousie has an acceptance rate of its 60-70% acceptance rate this could be the university for you. To find out more, click here.

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