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The ultimate guide to studying psychology in the UK

Choosing a university is one of the most important things that we have to do in life and it can be extremely overwhelming. So we're here to guide you along the way by introducing you to the top 10 universities for studying psychology in the UK:

1. University of Oxford

Located in Oxford, England with an acceptance rate of 17.5%, the university of Oxford has many psychology courses ; the most well known one's being Perception, Cognition and Behavioral Neuroscience.

2. University of Cambridge

Located in Cambridge, England

The University of Cambridge has an acceptance rate of 21% and offers two undergraduate courses in psychology; Psychological and Behavioral Sciences and Natural Sciences.

3.University College London

Located in Canary Wharf London

University College London has an acceptance rate of 38% but has a highly selective admission process; Developmental Psychology and Health and Clinical Psychology being the two most popular psychology courses there.

4. Cardiff University

Located in Cardiff, South Glamorgan , UK Cardiff University has an acceptance rate of 19.14% with many courses in Neuroscience , Cognitive Science and Social and Environmental Science.

5. University of Bath

Located in Bath, Somerset , UK

The University of Bath has an acceptance rate of 10% - 20% and has vast courses in Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Development and Psychopathology.

6. Imperial College London

Located in South Kensington, London

Imperial College London has an acceptance rate of 14.3% and is known for its Introduction to Psychology course.

7.University of Lancaster

Located in Lancaster, Lancaster, England

The University of Lancaster has an acceptance rate of 18.6% with psychology courses on Neuroscience of Speech and Action , Eye Tracking and Neuropsychology and many more.

8. King's College London

Located in Strand , Central London

King's College London has an acceptance rate of 13% and its best known and largely center's for Clinical and Health Psychology.

9. University Of Edinburgh

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland

The University of Edinburgh has an acceptance rate of 10% and the Psychology of Memory and Perception, Social Psychology and Developmental Psychology being the most well known courses there.

10. University of Kent

Located in Canterbury, England

The University of Kent has an acceptance rate of 87.5% and is known for its psychology courses of Biological and General Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, among many more.


Written by: Apoorva

Edited by: Shreya Mukherjee

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